My Favorite Clementine Posts: Dear Clementine

Today resident life advice guru, Dear Clementine, is sharing her two favorite posts from the site to commemorate the second birthday of Clementine Daily.
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As we continue to share a collection of  favorite Clementine posts, our list would not be complete without the inclusion of resident life advice guru, Dear Clementine (aka Karey Mackin)....

  1. I fell for Melissa Camilleri's life and intentions straight-away. A few days earlier, I'd tapped on a woman's sweaty shoulder after Bikram. "Your body is straight out of a sculptor's studio," I told her. "You killed it in there." And she looked at me with the most what-is-happening smile and said, "You're not from around here, are you? No one gives compliments in this town." I soon learned she was right because no one here has even noticed I've lost EIGHT POUNDS. Still, I am always on the lookout for free-wheeling complimenters. Enter Melissa and her life's work, Compliment. Her lovely tag line? "We rise by lifting others." Life-busting, I tell you.

  2. You're going to think this is ridiculous. A two-minute breathing exercise? What will that do for me? Ohmygosh. Try it. I actually try to double it and go for four minutes of deep belly, intentional breathing. It's the best cure for writer's block and that constant creep-up stress about whether I'm a good person/good wife/good mom/good writer/good cook. (Just kidding. I don't care about being a good cook!)

p.s. Another great life skill to practice: resilience