My Favorite Clementine Posts: Elizabeth Dehn

Elizabeth Dehn is sharing her two favorite posts from the site to commemorate the second birthday of Clementine Daily.

Image Credit: Julia Gartland

Today original Beauty Editor, Elizabeth Dehn, is back to share two of her favorite posts from the site in celebration of Clementine Daily's second birthday!

  1. No one makes gluten-free--or in this case, vegetarian--look sexier or more appetizing than Julia Gartland. This recipe manages to elevate some of my favorite humble ingredients to something seriously addictive. Major food-girl crush over here!

  2. I hesitate to 'like' one of my own posts but here's why: As a beauty blogger this was the first time I wrote something so personal. I was coming out of a depression and in the middle of a difficult marriage and Clementine gave me a safe space to get vulnerable and connect with others who might also be going through a dark night of the soul. For that gift I am forever grateful.

p.s. For more on beauty from all of our incredible contributors, check out the archives!