Editor's Letter: September 2015

We are celebrating the second year of Clementine Daily and have some exciting things in store to commemorate the occasion!

Image Credit: A Happy Food Dance

This month's Editor’s Letter is of the short and sweet variety. We are celebrating a big (to us) milestone at Clementine—our second birthday! While still a babe in the world of online publications, we think every year is worth commemorating and in that spirit have A LOT in store this month!

Instead of our usual guest editor role, we have asked our founder, editors (all of them!) and few familiar faces to share two of their favorite posts from our site. Sprinkled among the new posts for September will be the pieces that strongly resonate with the women who helped create and and maintain this space. And of all the topics covered on Clementine, there was an overwhelming theme of wellness and personal growth when editors responded with their selections....perhaps they are on to something?

Luckily, we don’t have to bid a formal farewell to Adina as she has graciously offered to stick around a bit longer, and will be offering more natural skincare tips and plus her favorite trends for the season (in addition to how she maintains her infectious attitude and stays inspired).

Later this month we have a big announcement and we'll be offering a sneak peek in our newsletter (psst—you can sign up here if you are not already on the list)!

So, without further ado, let's kick things off with Clementine Daily Founder Erin Loechner - whose first post to share is an endearing message on perspective from our wise friend and generous advice giver, Clementine.

Happy September, happy fall and happy birthday, friends! Thank you for helping us celebrate - we hope you enjoy the stroll down memory lane!


Amanda Carter Gomes

From Clementine Daily Founder, Erin Loechner

Pet Peeved, Dear Clementine

Our resident Clementine advice expert has penned so many of my favorite posts, but this one creeps into my head near monthly. I think of it often, in line at the grocery while the clerk bangs around my bananas, or at the hardware store when someone's toddler runs into my ankle with a cart three times his size. It's the best reminder I've got to rein it in, to smile and breathe, to remember that the only thing I can control is me.

"And I know we’re all grown-ups here, but sometimes it bears repeating that we were raised better than this. Remember who you are. More importantly, remember who someone quite wonderful hoped you’d someday become."