For The Love of Natural Beauty

Guest Editor Adina Grigore on why you should choose natural skincare products over anything else.


Image Credit: Cassie / Veda House

Since the beginning of S.W. Basics (back then, Sprout Wellness), I've been really hush hush about all of the scary synthetic chemicals in mainstream beauty products for multiple reasons: one, I don't particularly enjoy upsetting people; two, I don't think people really believe me; and three, sometimes I'm not even sure where I stand on what's truly worth worrying about versus what's fear mongering. Even I sometimes think, "Can this deodorant/mascara/tampon really be that bad? Am I gonna die from it? I guess I won't even know it killed me, I'll be dead. What can I even buy anymore without thinking about it? Nothing. I'M SO TIRED."

Sound familiar? (If not, then please teach me your ways.) Our lives are a constant feed of terrifying things. (Did you guys know that water is killing people in NYC right now? WATER.) It's beyond enough to make any sane person throw their hands up and try to drown it all out.

Except for one thing. A thing called options. In the Sprout Wellness days, another reason I didn't love to talk about this stuff was the dreaded response,"But what are we supposed to do?". To me, the obvious answer is this: make all your own products and only eat home-cooked food. But telling people to DIY their entire lives is a really efficient way to make their eyes glaze over, but not before they start daydreaming about calling you a quack to all of their friends and family. And, it's fear mongering. No one will ever DIY everything and they shouldn't have to. But back then, I was worried for us all!

Now, it's a whole new world! There has been an explosion of natural products over the past few years. You don't even have to buy toilet paper with chemicals in it! You can find organic pillows and sheets. There is natural deodorant at your drugstore and free-range chicken at your local grocer. Etsy makers often ship as fast as Amazon and you can buy green juice at Starbucks. (And, ahem, you can buy S.W. Basics at Target.) Healthy, natural options are everywhere.

So now we know there are myriad natural options easily accessible and available, I have one final reason for you to consider a more natural beauty regime. Forget the scary stuff - how do you feel after binging on fast food? What about when you don't sleep well for a few nights in a row? What's your Monday like after a weekend of drinking? The answers to those questions are probably very similar (and none of them include "cheerful", "calm" or "full of energy"). Now, think of your products as food and your skin as your body (not a huge leap here, but bear with me). Rashes, break outs, bumps, dryness, oiliness - these are all symptoms of your skin consuming too much "junk food". Use natural products and ingredients and you will end up with skin that is cheerful, calm and full of life...often that's the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes you'll also cure chronic ailments, get rid of allergies, boost your immune system and improve your moods.

This is why my perspective isn't as much why use natural, as why not use natural? Don't you want to feel good? Don't you want happy, clear skin? Aren't you relieved it's so easy? Me too.

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