Editor's Letter: August 2015

In August we celebrate finding our voice, introduce Guest Editor Adina Griogore and ask for your input on the future of Clementine Daily.

I used to have a difficult time asking for what I wanted. I prided myself on being laid back, not making waves or sharing my opinions too often or too loudly. I wanted to be seen as a girl who was “easy going” and in some respects, I was…I am.

When I look back on those years now I see how that attitude was a disservice to myself and those around me; not living a life of absolutes is one thing but diminishing who you truly are, what you feel and want is quite another. I know this too often the case for many women. We quietly nod in agreement to avoid the discomfort of confrontation, steer our interests and temper our choices so not to offend. But, at the end of the day who is that serving?

In the spirit of using those voices, I am asking you, dear readers, for a favor: will you tell me what you want to see more of in this space? There isn't a survey to complete or an email Q&A to follow (but as long as we are being honest, I won’t rule it out for the future!), just a simple request from one friend to another. Please send your thoughts here or share in the comments below - I cannot wait to hear your feedback!

Now, on to August! Our Guest Editor for the month is a woman who uses her voice to educate and empower in the world of beauty. We’re longtime fans of Adina Grigore and are thrilled to have the author and natural skincare guru sitting in this month - please join us in giving her a warm welcome!

We will also have recipes to keep you cool, tips for adding depth to your decor, essays on friendship and tools for managing your finances (in addition to a slew of expert beauty tips and tricks). There is a lot of ground to cover in August, because this month is really about honoring our unique voices and distinct tastes - as a beauty expert, an editor, an artist, an executive, a partner, a mother, a friend, a reader, a woman.


Amanda Carter Gomes