Our Favorite Wellness Apps

Got an app for that? Clementine Daily brings you the top wellness apps for a happier and healthier life.
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Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

We hear it over and over again: there’s an app for that. And although we don’t always advocate for increased technology to add to our already tuned-in lives, sometimes practical guidance may just be at the touch of a button. When it comes to ways to streamline your day or for a bit of calm in the storm, here are a few apps in the wellness realm that we find particularly helpful:

  • Happify: Happify has turned a decade’s worth of research into a series of activities and games that train your brain and build skills for lasting happiness. It’s a personalized track to keep you on track. (Free, with a paid option to upgrade; iOS)

  • Balanced: Balanced is an easy way to check in with yourself and your goals on a regular basis. Choose from preset reminders, or create your own to stay motivated and focused. (Free; iOS)

  • Simply Being: A guided meditation for relaxation and presence. Simple in it’s usage, this app lets you direct the time to you have to relax and the mood you want to create. It frees your headspace for a zen experience. (Free; iOS)

  • Yoga Studio: 24 hours of yoga classes that you can download right to your phone. You also have the choice to concentrate on a specific pose (280 are offered). Plus, the app features the option to video-stitch your favorite poses together to create your own flow. ($3.99; iOS)

  • Spring: The best workout songs for your movement. Find curated playlists with songs that have a similar range of beats per minute so you can literally run to the beat of the music. (Free; iOS)

  • MyFitnessPal: Track your health from anywhere, anytime. MyFitnessPal counts calories to help you stay true to your fitness and health goals. (Free; iOS)

  • Sleep Cycle: This alarm clock tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during light sleep about 30 minutes before your actual alarm. It's best for preventing the jolt and groggy nature that usually accompanies waking up. ($0.99; iOS)

  • Talkspace: Described as “therapy for how we live today,” Talkspace allows you to message privately and anonymously with a dedicated professional therapist anytime, anywhere. (Free with in-app upgrades for a fee; iOS)

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