Personalize Your Workspace

We personalized our office space with the help of HP Instant Ink.

After a mid-spring move, three coats of bright white paint, and one-too many desk rearrangements, I finally settled into my new office. As weeks passed though, something still seemed off. I realized the minimalist vibe of the new area made me long for more personal touches in my workspace. When our friends at HP Instant Ink (a new affordable ink replacement service!) reached out, the timing couldn't have been better. I have always admired the accessibility of printing from home, but I dreaded running out of ink so often and quickly, I stopped using my printer altogether. The new program saves you up to 50% on ink and, based on your printer levels, sends new ink cartridges to your door before you run out. I realized I could afford to print the photographs and documents that would transform my office into a personalized creative space. After the simple sign up, I printed countless snapshots from my spring travels, recent beloved quotes, and even a few funny printables. There is a fresh inspiration surrounding my work environment knowing that I can continue to update and add to my office art collection without the traditional printer limitations. I can easily exchange my pictures of California palm trees for new seasonal muses or include passages from recent reads that complement current projects. As a creative, I am learning how much my surroundings support my work and influence my artistic motivations. So friends, what would you create if you never ran out of ink?

HP Print
Hp Print

All images © Stella Blackmon: Thanks to HP Instant Ink for sponsoring this post. Get 3 months of FREE ink when you purchase an eligible printer and sign up online for HP Instant Ink.