How To Wear: Activity Wear

Style Editor Stephanie Duncan shows us how to integrate active wear beyond the gym and into our wardrobes.
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Photography: Claudia Bost

Sometimes the only place that we can quiet the noise and sort through our thoughts is deep within a workout. Lets be honest, the struggle is real. Occasionally a gal needs to sweat it out to process the daily grind and the feelings that come from attempting to keep up.

If we are lucky enough to carve a moment out to hop on the bike or hit the mat, there is certainly no time for changing in and out of clothes. Mostly our workouts are squeezed between appointments and responsibilities, with just enough time for a quick (but important) pat on the back.

Fortunately, active wear has changed. For the modern multitasking woman and the demands of daily life, brands understand that we need clothes that will perform. We want clothes that look good and feel good - pieces that can be worn before and after practice and are appropriate all day long.


The key to nailing the active wear trend is mixing it up. When choosing workout clothes mix colors and prints, but when integrating into your day or weekend look, pair with solids and mostly neutrals. Swap your sweaty sneakers for a classic slip on or chunky sandal, top your tank with a long and loose open cardigan; hide your wet hair under a full brim hat, instead of a ball cap.

Regardless of how you approach it, put on something that will inspire you to take the much-deserved time to refuel and restore.




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