How To Be (Mostly) Sugar Free

Guest Editor Sarah Adler offers five tips and alternatives for curbing our sugar cravings.

We all have succumb to the vicious (albeit delicious) trappings of a sugar cycle. It starts so innocently and before we know it, we are at the mercy of a non-stop craving. Guest Food & Drink Editor Sarah Adler offered to share a few reasons we fall prey to sugar and how to break a habit that leave us feeling tired, sluggish and depleted.

  • Swap anything with cane sugar or added sugar to raw honey, molasses or grade b maple syrup. These three are natural and release into your blood stream much more slowly than sugar or it’s substitutes. Plus, all three options have great healthy enzymes that are hard to find in other foods!

  • Any sugar substitute that comes on the market and sounds too good to be true, usually is. Agave and splenda, we’re looking at you.

  • Watch your coffee intake. Coffee is the number one vehicle for sugar and people often fool themselves thinking they need or want coffee, when sugar is what they’re really craving.

  • Eat more real food. Sugar cravings come from your body not being fully nourished, so do the best you can to eat more nutrients (via nutrient dense food), before trying to wean off the sugar. It makes the whole process easier!

  • Make your own desserts (with the natural sweeteners I listed above). I have so many on the blog to choose from! Or try frozen grapes, cold dates dipped in peanut butter, homemade nut and dried fruit bars or a little honey in your iced tea for sweet summer treats without the guilt.

  • Stop buying chocolate or ice cream if you just know you’ll eat it. If it’s there, you’re making it harder on yourself instead of leaving it as a real treat when you are out or for a special occasion. Treats taste better with those circumstances anyways.

  • Get real with yourself. Are you craving sugar just because you’re tired? Get more sleep. Is it because you’re not eating great for you food? Start trying a green smoothie once a day and see if it helps. Infuse more good things into your life so that sugar doesn’t become your only joy!

p.s. A few easy ways to get vitamins from your food!