Editor's Letter: July 2015

July's Edtior's Letter talks about the importance of transition and introduces July Guest Food & Drink Editor, Sarah Adler.

If I had to summarize the past 12 months, it would be with one word: transition.

Some of these transitions were significant: pregnant to postpartum, mother of 1 to a mother of 2, consultant to executive editor; while others were subtle: green tea to (strong!) coffee, 8 hours of sleep to 6 hours (or less), night owl to an early bird and physically fit to at times, physically exhausted. Change is not always easy, but when the dust settles I find life shifts often work out for the best - especially when it comes to sweet aforementioned almost-one-year-olds!

Our Guest Editor for July is familiar with transitions (and transformations)! A nutritionist, food blogger and cookbook author, Sarah Adler's mission is simple: "to help people live a healthy daily lifestyle". She will be sharing easy, delicious recipes and offering insights for those who want to make gentle changes in their diet (and relationship with food). Sarah's approach to healthy eating is refreshing and accessible - I know you will love her!

This month we will also offer ideas for easing transition in every aspect of life - from personal style to cross-country moves to birthday parties to dinner menus. Because if there is anything I have learned during this past year of change and transition, it is that I am not good with absolutes. My life, like my diet, does not thrive under hard and fast rules – I like flexibility (and cheese!) and want to embrace a lifestyle that supports that flexibility.

So whether you welcome change with open arms or prefer the comfort of routine, we will be here to help with the shifts....big and small.

Happy July, friends!


Amanda Carter Gomes