8 Things Of Note

Our favorite noteworthy links found online this week!

Image Credit: Design Pics Inc/Alamy

How was your week, Clementines? We’ll be soaking up the sun this weekend and hoping the same for you. As always, a few conversations from around the web we found particularly noteworthy—happy reading and happy weekend!

The women who run Pluto—the New Horizons team may include more women staffers than any other NASA project in history.

From coastlines to ridgelines, America’s best views.

“Be still. When you're scrambling, and you want the next thing, both in a relationship or a job, and you're gunning for it, just stop, and be still.” Mika Brezinski on why losing her job was the best thing that happened to her career.

The argument for why you should wear the same outfit to every business meeting.

10 (mostly) no-cook meals to eat cold on hot summer nights.

“To become the brightest version of yourself, first you must let go of the fixed ideas that mar your perspective and tether you to the past.”

August is around the corner—here’s an end of summer checklist to make the most of the season.

And to make life a bit easier: genius home cleaning hacks.

p.s. The best ways to beat the heat this weekend!