Take Charge of Your Health (+ Giveaway!)

Executive Editor Amanda Carter Gomes is introducing the tool she is using to help meet her health goals this summer: Olly Nutrition!
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Photography: Matthew Gomes

I (Amanda) have a confession, Clementines: I don't always take care of myself like I know I should. Too often when the days are crazed and the schedule full, I catch myself postponing the necessities in exchange for what is deemed urgent at the time. Depleted and sluggish, I have decided to truly practice what we preach on the site - my goal: taking charge of my health (and the health of my family). I recently discovered Olly Nutrition, an easy, personalized method of taking vitamins and supplements and knew it would be an ideal and easy place to start!

With two babes at home (one who is under a year), I am still getting my hormonal and physical well-being back on track. For months the idea of taking 3-5 vitamins a day postpartum was so overwhelming, I just went without (something I am not proud to admit)...because, who has the time? Soon exhaustion and irritability set in, a combination that serves no one (especially me).


I went to the Olly site to research my options - the "Your Olly" page helps you customize the perfect combination for your current state - my choices: The Essential Postnatal Multi and Ultimate Immunity, plus Lil Olly's Kids Multi + Probiotic - because offering a probiotic within a multi is genius, not to mention the time, money and negotiations it saves (or maybe that is only with my child?). And did I say time?

The biggest thing I have learned about myself in this process is that I crave (scratch that: need!) simplicity. My health regime is no different: two chewable (tasty) vitamins a day to restore the nutrients pregnancy, birth and nursing have depleted + an extra immunity boost, because this winter colds and flu wreaked havoc on our little family. Finally, an all-in-one multi (+ probiotic) for my oldest son, because healthy children = healthy parents. Done and done!


We are admittedly only a few weeks in, but today I awoke before the alarm (read: baby), a first in months. Most importantly: I have started taking the steps I need to take better care of myself. I know this season of life is temporary and fleeting, but I don't want to sacrifice my well-being in the process.


I would love to know, what are your health goals and how did you get started?

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