When we started Clementine Daily, our motto was simple: to create a space for real women living authentic-sometimes-frenzied-often-harried-but-always-inspired lives. Since the beginning, we’ve featured daily thoughts; from friendship reminders to career tips, we have shared the quotes that can given us a fresh perspective and an extra boost of motivation.


As our mission for accessible inspiration continues, we want to turn the tables to broaden the conversation. What are the sayings and mantras that make your day a little sweeter? Is there a sign at your neighborhood café that struck a nerve or a passage from a recent read you just can’t forget? We’d love to see a peek at the words and moments that encourage, drive, and delight. Starting today, we’ll be sharing (with credit!) our favorites from the photos you submit on Instagram with hashtag: InspiredClementine. Whether it's quotes in the captions or lettered notes, we think it's time to celebrate the reminders that keep us feeling grounded and whole. Won't you join us?

p.s. Not on Instagram? We'll also be sharing our top snapshots on Twitter and Pinterest. Just tag us at #InspiredClementine so we can be sure to find you!