How To Wear: Vintage Levi's

Fashion Editor Stephanie Duncan explains how to return to the classic fit and shape of Vintage Levis.

All Images: Claudia Bost

After a decade-long obsession with hip-hugging, super stretchy skinny jeans, there is a need for something different. When the denim business exploded, we all began blowing our budgets on designer jeans that cost more than a prom dress. Denim labs discovered stretch that would eliminate bagged out knees and sagging bums, and actually lift and tuck and squeeze us into perfection. But maybe we don’t want to be molded. Maybe perfect is boring. Maybe we miss the signs of wear telling of our adventures…

Vintage Levi's—the kind that conjure 90’s nostalgia—all cotton, high-waisted, light wash, relaxed fit, with a slightly tapered leg, are often called ‘mom jeans.’ More feminine than the boyfriend jean, but similar in fabrication, this is a jean that is shaped by its experiences. Growing softer with each wash and slowly molding to your curves over time, this no-stretch fabric becomes baggy and slouchy and wrinkled in the very best way.


Styling here is important. It matters less what you pair it with and more about your confidence. Tuck in your tee. Throw on your highest heel or a flat, beat up sandal. Pair with a sharp jacket over a super girly top or a printed boho blouse, bursting with blooms. Add a bold lip or a cat eye, and carry a structured bag or oversized tote. Anything goes with vintage Levi's, we promise!


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