Editor's Letter: June 2015

June's Editor's Letter is a reminder of the beauty of downtime and an introduction to Guest Art Director: Allie Lehman from Death To The Stock Photo.

Image Credit: Stella Blackmon

Summer is officially weeks away and it is hard to resist the urge to pack the calendar full of activities. I am a planner by nature and embarrassed to admit that when I don’t have something on the docket I can feel a little antsy - it’s as if I am nervous about not doing my part to take full advantage of the season and all it has to offer. The funny thing is, I know this is not what I truly prefer nor how I thrive as a person.

I have talked about the value of time and space, but the other part of this equation, I am finding, is making room for spontaneity. It sounds like an oxymoron, but for me to commit (and not succumb to the pull of expectations and scheduling) takes intention: leaving boxes blank on the calendar; knowing that even seasons have a cycle, and this year my summer cycle needs to be in the moments, not the milestones.

This month we are channeling those moments in a collection of photos we have created in partnership with Death To The Stock Photo. I am thrilled to announce this collaboration (shot and styled by our very own Stella Blackmon) and launching through the DTTSP site on June 15! We will be sharing the images all month long on Clementine and via our social channels - so keep an eye out, or better yet sign up to view the entire collection here.

Allie Lehman is one half of DTTSP and will be sitting in as Guest Art Director for the month of June. She is wildly talented with works spanning books, design and photography. Her Instagram description reads: Trying to Be Timeless, Not Trendy – a mantra we Clementine gals can get behind. She will be sharing her sources for inspiration, a few photography tips we can all employ and some creative suggestions for introverts (a topic near and dear to her heart).

We will also have Road Trips in the mix (for the summer adventurers!), easy beauty tips to get you warm-weather-ready (be it for the beach or your local library) and thoughtful fashion and home finds that will add quality and character to your current collections.

So whatever your summer intention, we've got you covered - as for us, we will be relishing the season one day at a time, clearing the calendar and making plans when the mood strikes.

Sounds nice, don't you think? Here's to longer days and empty calendars - we hope to see you here in the downtime!


Amanda Carter Gomes