At Home With Life: How to Clear the Air

Clementine Daily takes a look at how even the smallest practices in shui can make a big difference in our energy.

Image Credit: Clementine Daily Inspiration by Stella Blackmon for DTTSP

We have been gleaning wisdom from home and feng shui expert Amanda Gibby Peters for some time now. From the importance of rituals and nature in our homes, to tips for making the bedroom a restorative place, she has provided us with inspiration and tools to create a better space. So when Amanda offered to layout a few feng shui fundamentals that we can all easily employ, it was an opportunity not to be missed! She will be popping in every month to share these tips in her new column: At Home With Life. First up - clearing the air (literally and metaphorically). Enjoy, friends! 

A home is a gracious gathering spot with an enormous ability to feed our happiness and well-being. Yet, despite our best efforts, a house sometimes gets pockets of sticky and unwanted energetic residue that sap our life force. We hear about it in conversations around us – the ones that start with I am so overwhelmed, unmotivated, exhausted... This can becomethe beginning of a contagious shui conversation. Energy rides shotgun in our lives, informing how we feel and what we attract. And its magic is in our surroundings, making a home an enthusiastic life partner when it’s time to rekindle our spark.

If you are ready to trim away lingering, low vibes so that vibrant summer energy can ripen and flourish, here are some simple shui basics that harness good vibrations, every time.

Open the windows. Think of it as out with the old, in with the new abracadabra. Wild grace – that whoosh of hope that somersaults in with a soft breeze – clears the air figuratively and literally. Outdoor air (unless you’re living in a high pollution area) infuses space with mama nature. Do this a couple times a week, and the energy in your home will completely reorganize itself, leaving you reinvigorated in its wake.

Mix it up. When we feel stuck, that energy carves out a pattern that can push us into a slump. Here’s some shui aspirin: move things around. Shimmy the bed a couple inches to the left or right, flip a few rugs, bump books to different shelves, or rearrange a closet. Familiarity breeds indifference. A few small adjustments in our surroundings outfox those vibrational footprints and we pull ourselves into better energetic company.

Start a wave. Anything that carries a resonance ripples out in sound waves, and energy surfs it. So, if you LOVE a sound – whether it’s the musicality of laughter, a pirouetting wind chime, or music that makes you feel fully alive – use its current to carry good vibes into every corner of your home.

Say something golden. Words matter because every single one carries an energy. When low vibe language is used with frequency — stupid or hate or those pesky expletives — it leaves a residue in our home. Imagine the mess mud makes when mindlessly tracked through the hallway. Words do the same thing. The problem is, we don’t see or clean up their energy deposits. Instead, words pile up and we feel the effects weeks later in unexpected outbursts or weird funks. Habits don’t change overnight, so try this instead: Use a better word, like JOY or LOVE, daily. We create as we speak so be brilliant and you’ll transform any negativity nearby into solid gold.

Our surroundings are in constant conversation with us. So, when that robust energy around you starts to deteriorate, pause. And use a little shui to evolve the energy into something better.

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