8 Things Of Note

A few inspirational links from around the web to kick off your weekend!

Image Credit: Stella Blackmon

We hope you had a lovely week, Clementines. Here’s to enjoying a sunshine filled weekend! Tell us, what are your plans? And as always, a few conversations from around the web we found particularly noteworthy—happy reading!

 In defense of pursuing the small, happy life.

Vacation, anyone? The best new beach reads for this summer.

Ina Garten on how to run a business and do what you love. (We love her!)

How to break out of a bad mood—by “softening your gaze.”

The tampon: the history of a fraught piece of cotton.

Ways to beautify your closet doors.

A new theory of distraction. “Distraction is appealing precisely because it’s active and rebellious.”

“Why I gave up a $95,000 job to move to the Caribbean and scoop ice cream.” (Would you?)

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