Where I Find Everyday Inspiration (on Instagram)

Guest Editor Karey Mackin gives us a glimpse into her favorite Instagram accounts for inspiration.
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Image of Lucius via Radiolab

Our final post from May Guest Editor, Karey Mackin, illuminates the places she finds daily inspiration on her social media instrument of choice: Instagram. 

I add and subtract Instagrammers based on my inspiration needs from moment to moment. Here are some of my currents.

As a general rule, I adore every Australian with an Instagram account, and I am not exaggerating. There's just something about an Aussie's easy personality and warm aesthetic that makes my days better. It's contagious. (Or maybe I just miss Sydney.) Yesterday, I began following @lemonpiy, who posts gorgeous and yet super simple glimpses into her baking life. The best way I can describe her feed is to tell you there's not a lot of noise in it. And Susan Enderby's (@susanenderbyart) artwork – another recent addition to my following list – makes me feel instantly light and also bold. I love art that tricks you into thinking "Hey, I could do that." No, you can't. But let's try, anyway.

Mary Heffernan's (@maryheff) scenes aren't just designed for those who want to start a ranch or raise animals or rough it in any possible way...or even those who want to assist in large animal complicated births, because that is probably a tiny demographic, don't you think? I want none of that, and yet she is my absolute favorite account right now. The shots of her daily work are pure sunshine, accented always with gleeful smiles, smudged daughters holding baby animals, and (most likely) a sidecar or two! Once, she told a story of two sheep who delivered stillborns. They both had tear stains afterwards, and that caused me to suddenly realize that pain is pain no matter if you're a sheep or just a girl sitting in Chicago. She reminds me that life is a moment-to-moment gift and hard-earned and beautiful and ohmygosh so darn worth it.

@sarabeejensen inspires me, too, especially when it comes to her adventuresome spirit with food. Seriously, I Google her ingredients she lists all the time. Plus, her personal life is full and interesting and complicated and opens up my heart on the daily. I leave her photos usually with one or two thoughts, like "Stop whining, Karey" or "Try harder, Karey" or "What the heck is jicama?"

@radiolab and @awesomescience and @natgeo make me feel more attuned to the world beyond my desk, @jasminshokrian reminds me that I do not, in fact, need to wear any other color or style than the black, white, indigo, and nude simple stuff that I currently sport, @crimebydesign feeds my tumblr cravings without the porn, but with all the thug, and @rebelcircusquotes make me giggle. Oh! And @amyturnsharp's #basicallyitslikethis series is hot.

If you've got anyone else beyond the usual suspects for me to follow, please share! I will add them to my list.

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