A DIY Garden Floral Arrangement

A few simple tips to help you create a beautiful garden arrangement!

All images by Mallory MacDonald

We are often intimidated by the idea of pulling together the wild and loose floral arrangements we have grown to love. Thankfully Jeni Nelson of Magniflora offered a few simple tips for creating a bouquet just in time for Mother's Day - added bonus: intended for blooms and greenery that can be easily plucked from the backyard (your own or your neighbors - with their permission, of course).


I always try to create my arrangements in a more organic, natural manner, as if the foliage and flowers were pulled straight from a garden.

1. Start with clean, room temperature water in your vessel.

2. Remove any leaves and flowers that will be below the water level.


3. Create a framework for your arrangement with asymmetry in mind, use the most structured foliage (in this case the camellia) first. Use a sharp knife or pruners to cut every stem at an angle.

4. Place the focal bloom/s (in this case, the amaryllis flower), then add the next layer based on the fragility of the flower and the stem. The tulips were added next in this arrangement because their stems snap easily and I wanted to provide the support that would allow a few stems to drape down and others reach high.


5. Add small groupings of each flower throughout the arrangement is an easy way to mimic what you find in nature.

6. Finish by filling in gaps with lighter, feathery textures and trailing vines to soften the arrangement.


 p.s. Remember these tips for indoor plants?