5 Short Stories We Can’t Forget

A roundup of mini tales that left us enlightened and uplifted.
Short Stories

Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

We’ve long admired the power of personal essays. The petite literary form has won over our hearts and frenzied schedules. From a relatable youthful memory to a resonating kindness reminder, we gathered five mini tales that left us enlightened and uplifted.

The Race Grows Sweeter Near Its Final Lap

Eve Pell beautifully details love in old age. Pell's inspired account reminds us of the power of opening our hearts and embracing every stage of life.

Laugh, Kookaburra
David Sedaris describes how a trip to Australia reminds him of a moment of growing up. Sedaris hilariously illustrates the undeniable influence of family, which render us reflective and nostalgic.

Goodbye To All That
Joan Didion shares her decision to move from Manhattan. Didion's graceful and captivating prose perfectly depict the fascinating allure of Manhattan. Her farewell to the love-affair-like relationship she had with the city is timeless and moving.

A Few Words About Breasts
Nora Ephron recounts her flat-chested adolescence experiences. Ephron's relatable feelings of inadequacy and witty perspective portray a greater universal struggle. (Her charming insight also left us longing to have had her as our best friend.)

Congratulations, By The Way
George Saunder’s uplifting commencement address at Syracuse University reminds us to “err in the direction of kindness.” Saunder’s thoughtful personal anecdotes and honest words of encouragement have influenced how we observe our own lives.

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