Spring Recipe Cards DIY

We created spring recipe cards with HP's Sprout.

Whether we're prepping for Sunday morning brunches or midday picnics, we Clementine gals rely on tried-and-true recipes to guide us through any cooking process. Though smartphones and tablets make it easy to access recipes online, nothing compares to handwritten instruction cards. Recipe cards, filled with familiar scribbles and thoughtful tips, always add a meaningful touch to our cooking experience.Since we received the Sprout by HP, we've been busy scanning all kinds of objects with the 3D scanner. After realizing a majority of our captures were food items, we realized the creativity station presented the perfect opportunity to design our own recipe card template. We used the responsive touchpad to arrange scanned pictures of mint, thyme and rosemary twigs to create a fresh spring pattern. We added tiny text guides to the front of the cards to leave ample room for charming penned instructions. In no time, we had completed and printed the petite cards. After marking up the cards with all of the family recipes as we could remember, we washi taped the notes inside our kitchen cabinets, and set aside favorites to pass on to loved ones. We tied twine around the blank remainders to save for future hostess gifts. So, dear Clementines, are you ready to give recipe cards another chance? We'd love to see your unique visions, but if you like,  you can simply download the front and back of our patterns and print on card stock.

Clementine Recipe Cards
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Sprout Recipe Cards

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