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Simple Acts. Big Impact.

This Earth Day, we're showing off our best side while recycling.
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In an effort to live a more intentional, holistic lifestyle, I have shifted my energy to acts that keep me feeling motivated and whole. I have started taking note of the exercise routines and healthier food options that fuel a happier, more productive me. I have also made a point to stay hydrated and improve the quality of my shut-eye. (So long, Facebook before bed!)Inspired by Earth Day, I realized could broaden my lifestyle changes and incorporate acts that also support the planet. With a little research and an revived perspective, I began to notice the countless simple opportunities around me.  Whenever I could, I traded grocery store stops for farmers' markets runs, opted to use by bike over my car and took on a more active recycling role. Quickly, these everyday improvements incited a refreshed outlook and a stronger sense of confidence. Collectively, my petite modifications were building into something bigger, something that showed I could make a difference. When I heard that PepsiCo had the same recycling approach, I took note. With a goal to increase beverage container recycling rate to 50% by 2018, PepsiCo has begun implementing innovative ways to bring accessible recycling to communities around the country.Their mission is simple: bigger change starts with one bottle, with one person, with one action. Easy enough, right?

Earth Day With Pepsi
Earth Day With Pepsi
Earth Day With Pepsi
Earth Day With Pepsi

 And, as if I needed another kick of inspiration, their recent survey on recycling motivations offered very surprising results: recycling ranks higher as a positive behavior trait than being well-traveled, having a graduate degree or a hefty bank account.

Earth Day With Pepsi

Here's to showing off our best side while making the world a cleaner and better place. Happy Earth Day, Clementines.

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