Editor's Letter: April 2015

April's Editor's Letter encourages us all to try something new and stretch beyond our self-imposed comfort zones.

Image of Rebecca Atwood's Creative Process by: Emily Johnston

The other day I was chatting about writing this post with Clementine's features editor. Questioning the need for an Editor’s Letter, I told her this sort of thing is just not my forte.

You see, most of my career has been spent promoting the work of others. Prior to joining Clementine, I consulted with small creative businesses (primarily female owned and operated) on various aspects of marketing and social media. I have always been most at ease strategizing behind the scenes, creating and often implementing plans to support the endeavors of those I so admire and respect.

Perhaps readers would not miss the monthly note, perhaps it is easier to just go about business as usual and not stop to acknowledge what is happening on the page and the reasoning behind it, perhaps, perhaps...? She stopped me and said, “But Amanda, it is part of the job and something you needto get more comfortable with." At that moment, I knew she was right (we all know Jennifer is wise beyond her years so I am sure this comes as no surprise) and that your own medicine is often the hardest pill to swallow.

So here I am, nervously-yet-excitedly outside my comfort zone, telling you directly - without the thinly veiled protection of an interview or quick tip - that many amazing things are on the horizon, Clementines! And there is so much I want to share….

Today I am introducing our Guest Editor series. In the months to come we will be asking an expert in each of our categories to share their story, sources of inspiration and a few industry secrets (plus an inside look at their days on the Clementine Instagram feed!). I am thrilled to announce that Rebecca Atwood will be our inaugural Home and Living Guest Editor! We have long been admirers of her stunning designs and believe that both she and her work embody the modern simplicity we celebrate at Clementine. There will still be recipes and essays and style picks and beauty tips, all written and curated by our incredible editors. The guest editors featured will simply add their unique voices and insights to our already stellar roster. Please stay tuned because we have some awesome collaborations ahead!

But back to April: we will focus on expanding beyond our self-imposed comfort zones - be it a bold new lip color, a challenging read, adding a splash of pattern to our home decor or simply addressing our everyday interactions with a little more compassion. Though not the beginning of a new year, it is the beginning of a new season – and we all have fences to leap (if we're ready and willing), insights to glean and letters to share...no fooling.


Amanda Carter Gomes