8 Things of Note

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It’s April, Clementines! Will you be celebrating this weekend with loved ones? We’ll be taking our own advice when we say: take a moment to practice gratitude—it will calm and rejuvenate you. And as always, enjoy a few conversations from around the web that we found particularly noteworthy. Happy reading and happy weekend!

Recipes to make, and entertaining ideas for Passover. Also, your guide to all things Easter.

25 maps that explain the English language.

“Yoga pants are ruining women.” And other style advice from Fran Lebowitz.

Ways to feel beautiful after having a baby.

Why handwritten notes will never go out of fashion.

One of the loveliest home makeovers we have ever seen!

"Big, small, or somewhere in between, there were a few instances of eh and a good number of they're perfect!" How women see (and draw) their own breasts.

20 career tips from female entrepreneurs.

p.s. Give your eggs a modern twist this Easter with a  super simple decorating DIY.