3 Simple Ways To Infuse Pattern Into Your Home

Clementine Daily brings you some tips on how to incorporate patterns into your home.

Image Credit: Matthew Gomes

We could not think of a more appropriate way to close out April than to have inaugural Guest EditorRebecca Atwood offer a few ways we can all easily add "livable pattern" into our homes for spring (or anytime, really!). Many thanks to Rebecca for spending the month with us  - for sharing her story, her sources for inspiration and her favorite organizational tools! We will be following her journey....and looking forward to the release of her book. Be sure to pop in on Monday when we announce the next Guest Editor in our series (trust us, it is a big surprise you don't want to miss)! 

Infusing pattern into your space is a great way to tell your own story and make the place you live a true home. Pattern is very personal and the best place to start is by finding the ones that you really connect with. Think outside of the box and explore the world of pattern a bit before you buy. Pinterest is a great tool for learning about fabrics and eBay is a place you can search for unique pieces to buy. Living in a world of solids can be boring, but the pattern doesn’t need to be crazy to stand out: artwork, pillows, and fabric are easy ways to incorporate pattern into any space!

Artwork. One of the easiest ways to add interest to any room is through artwork. Artwork can be intimidating to those that don’t “know about art,” but really, it’s all about displaying things you love and you want to look at. It’s about exploring those interests, and seeing how they relate with one another.

Get creative: utilize wallpaper, wrapping paper, photo copies, post cards, a painting from a friend – anything you love! Tape it to the wall with masking tape, use T-pins for an artist studio feel, or go a more traditional route and frame it. Don’t discount ideas like hanging up a quilt, a rug, or even plates.


Image Credit: Matthew Gomes

Fabric. Collecting fabrics is something I can’t help doing. I love finding vintage pieces or fabrics from other countries when traveling (and even perusing favorite shops and showrooms to find new designs). If you find a fabric that you love, the possibilities are endless. Fabric can easily become a planter, pillows, an upholstered chair, curtains, or anything else you want to imagine.


Image Credit: Matthew Gomes

Pillows. Pillows are another great way to update any room - bonus: just change out the covers if you already have inserts! Swapping out the cover seasonally or when the mood strikes is an easy way to change the feeling of a room. You can also move pillows from one room to another to give them new life without buying a thing.

I’m currently writing a book all about incorporating livable pattern into your home so stay tuned for more!

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