Vintage Beauty: Robin’s Telephone Table

Home & Living Editor Robin Reetz shares with us the story behind a particularly sentimental piece of vintage furniture.

Image Credit: Robin Reetz

Whether you’ve lived in the same house for 20 years, or are currently calling a less-than-desirable rental home, we all have a piece of furniture or decor that means something special. It could be a family heirloom, a vase you picked up on a special vacation, or a set of chairs you bought at a flea market ten years ago. Chances are, there’s one piece in your home that tells a story and means a little more than the rest.

At Clementine, we’re introducing a new monthly column called "Vintage Beauty." Each month, we’ll feature the story of a very important piece of furniture or home decor. Starting us off is our new Home & Living Editor, Robin Reetz.

“My husband and I picked up this telephone table at a junk shop in London. Not a vintage store, not an antique market – a store that sold straight-up junk mixed in with the odd vintage piece. We spotted it in the back of the store and were both immediately taken with it. This telephone table was under $50 and in perfect condition, and we both loved the idea of an entire table dedicated to answering the phone. We’re moving to the U.S. from London in a few months and while we’re donating about 70% of what we own before we move, the table is coming. It’s the only piece of furniture in our flat that means anything, and it’s something I’ll always remember of our time in London.”

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