Try This: 24 Hours Makeup and Product Free

We're giving you a challenge, Clementines: let your skin truly breathe by going 24 hours without makeup or skincare products.

Image Credit: Chaunté Vaughn

Have you ever gone 24 hours sans makeup? What about product free (we're talking no concealer, gloss or moisturizer - zero, zip, zilch!)? Would you try it? We were admittedly hesitant until we spoke with S.W. Basics founder and author of Skin Cleanse, Adina Grigore - read on to hear how her insights radically changed our tune (and our skincare regime)!

I think your skin is amazing –- and I don’t even know you. Let me back up: Forget what I know, what do you know about your skin, your body’s largest organ?

Chances are, your skin education has largely been in the form of advertising and has therefore been both biased and incomplete. In other words, how often do you get told in a skin-care commercial how great your skin is? Instead, you’re inundated with messaging that your skin is blemished, oily, dry, wrinkled, saggy, and splotchy… But could be improved if you used this product.

I say that your skin is a superhero on its own – no elaborate primers or plumping agents required – and here are some reasons why:

  • Your skin is self-protecting, with the oil it produces being a very good thing. This (often maligned) oil is called sebum and it is actually awesome. It keeps your skin hydrated, kills bacteria, and helps maintain your skin’s delicate (and healthy) pH balance. Basically, your skin’s oil is great. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • Your skin is naturally able to regenerate itself, shedding an average of 30,000–40,000 cells per minute. This regeneration slows down as you age, regardless of what you apply topically. Want a powerful “anti-aging trick”? The healthier you are internally, the longer you’ll produce youthful skin cells - so eat your veggies!

  • No expensive exfoliation required – your skin cleans itself! One of the ways the integumentary system (a group of organs that includes the skin, hair, nails, and sweat glands) works with the body’s other organs is that waste toxins are expelled through sweat. Your skin contains a whole ecosystem of healthy bacteria that are responsible for eliminating these toxins.

None of these natural superpowers require you to use fancy skin-care products. When you stay out of your skin’s way by maintaining a good diet and a healthy lifestyle, it has the ability to function as its own mini–immune system, fighting invaders like dirt and bacteria. It can protect itself in the face of the elements, and it has the power to keep itself in check. The only time it stops working efficiently is when its natural balance gets disrupted: hormone changes can cause an overproduction of sebum, toxins cause an overproduction of skin flora and so on.

This understanding drives Skin Cleanse, which aims to put your skin in the best position for success by scaling back your personal care products, eating well, and staying healthy. And it’s really easy (and affordable)!

To participate in Skin Cleanse, detox by going sans makeup and skin-care products for one full day. Don't use mascara, blush, eye shadow, or even a “touch of” concealer. Nothing. Don't use face wash or exfoliant or toner or serum or moisturizer. Simply clean your face with water (or use natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, honey, or sea salt as moisturizers and exfoliants) morning and night.

While you can continue using your other personal-care products (shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and toothpaste), the more products you can skip, the better. It’s only one day – you can go without deep conditioning!

Integral to the concept of Skin Cleanse is the understanding that the elements necessary for a healthy body are integral for healthy skin. Eat like your skin depends on it, focusing on consuming things like leafy and colorful vegetables, healthy fats, fruit, fermented foods, and plenty of water.

One benefit of doing a skin cleanse is to change the dynamic you have with you skin. I want you to come to appreciate it and be empowered by it. Product-free, you're awesome.

Second, good skin begins with a healthy body. And a healthy body is one that is consuming real, whole ingredients; it's not one that is sustained through chemical- and preservative-laden food. We function most optimally when we're consuming quality ingredients -- this is supported by a slew of research -- and that attitude needs to extend to our skincare.

The nice thing about your skin is that the results are immediate; you will literally see them in the mirror. I can assure you that by not applying skincare products during your cleanse, you are actually going to be nourishing and feeding your body in a proven, effective, and 100% natural way.

In short, the only magic ingredient here is the one you already have: Your skin. Allow it to be the best version of itself.

p.s. While you're at it, clean out the beauty drawer and try our deodorant detox!