How To Smudge Eyeliner Like A Pro

Ever wonder how to create the perfect "lived-in" eyeshadow look? Well, wonder no more, we've got just the tip for you!

Image Credit: Veda House

Although we may at times be drawn to the imperfect and real, there’s an effortless appeal to the lived-in look. You know, messy waves and slightly smudged eye makeup. But achieving that look is easier said than done (we don’t actually recommend going to sleep with your makeup on in order to appear as though you “woke up like this"). Luckily we have Chicago’s resident MAC Makeup Artist Keri Germain to thank for sharing a game-changing tip that involves a simple matte brown eye shadow and a fluffy shadow brush. Oh, and just about 30 seconds of your time.

The trick for this look is to create a shadow that happens in just the right place. In this case, it means sweeping a matte, neutral brown eye shadow under your eyes with a fluffy eye shadow brush. Yes, under the eyes! Instead of a precisely-lined eye, you’re creating more of a diffused look. They key is to find a shadow that is just a few shades darker than your skin tone so the contrast isn’t too drastic.

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