Why We Love Journaling (+ A Giveaway!)

We give you some major reasons why you should take up everyday journaling. Plus, we're giving away a free writing course to a lucky someone!

Image Credit: Jennifer Snyder

Who here keeps a journal? We’re big fans of the practice and it looks like writing regularly actually might be doing us some good! According to a recent article in the New York Times, scientists are currently studying the ways in which journaling may help us process our stories - it may, in fact, improve the perception we have of ourselves and the world around us. How incredible is that?

We often like to think of journaling as the least expensive form of entertainment, therapy and play all rolled into one daily activity. Here are a few reasons we love putting pen to paper:

It improves our day. We’ve become accustomed to the relief felt after writing out our thoughts and experiences. Sometimes we write about the positive things in life—gratitude, silly memories, the happy moments of the day—and other times we sift through some heavier stuff—not-so-great moments and that pesky negative self-talk. Either way, we always end up feeling much better after journaling than when we started.

It clears out the cobwebs. We think the scientists behind the study referenced in the New York Times are on to something. Once we write out whatever it is that we need to process, we feel lighter, our heads are a little less foggy than before and we can think more clearly. The clarity, alone, is worth the time invested.

It makes us better humans. We know—it seems as though we’re making a pretty grand statement, but bear with us. By writing out the interpretation of our experiences, it may help us in the empathy department. We end up being able to see a story or experience from both sides, which is always something worth bringing to our relationships.

Now this is where you come in, Clementines. Are you interested in starting or shaking up your writing routine? Well, we’ve got one free course pass to Prompt Club—a new journaling e-course from our very own Jennifer Snyder—to give away today ($79 value)!

Simply head over to Prompt Club to check out the course and then come back here to tell us why you love to journal!

A random winner will be chosen and announced on March 16. Good luck!

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