3 Ways to Make Any Space Positive

Got a case of the blues? Here's a list of tips to infuse your home with a more positive atmosphere sure to cheer your right up.

Image Credit: Addie Juell

Life happens. One day, we’re breathing sparks of energy, confident we can get our hands around anything coming our way. And other days, those instincts wander and we feel flimsy, even abandoned. It’s precisely in that elastic ambivalence where our home can hold us up.

Our surroundings have an energetic personality, informed by all our choices. And when a house is layered in love, that mega-watt life force can flush our spirits clean. If your space would relish a spoonful of positivity, here are a few simple ideas that are a natural fit in any home.

Add New Life to Your Space. Most of us have a physiological reaction to natural beauty. Contemplate the acoustics of birdsong, a feverish sunrise, or wind’s howling courage. We celebrate these experiences more as a luxury, but they are actually a biological need – thanks to evolution. What kind of open space resonates with you? Is it the velvety dusk, the calming rhythm of ocean waves, or that quiet stillness within a majestic mountain range? Whatever the answer, find its likeness – in hues, sounds, or movement – and let it loose in your home.

Change the Frequency. Our bodies were not designed for the deluge of EMFs we encounter. This constant exposure to electric and magnetic energies without intermission spreads its own toxicity. Diffuse its omnipresence by observing EMF-free spaces; the bedroom is a brilliant place to begin. Why? Whether we sleep two hours or eight, it becomes our sanctuary from the hyper-connectivity and that is a well-deserved reprieve.

Get Happy with Oranges. Crave a happier home? Consider citrus at your service. Simply add a few fresh orange peels or several drops of pure orange essential oil to a spray bottle, and fill it with water. This bright elixir is a negativity disinfectant, busting up heavy vibes and boosting moods. Who knew an orange possessed such superpowers? The next time low notes start crooning, walk around your home and liberally spritz them away.

When we chronicle our homes with delightful expressions and exuberant decor, our surroundings flourish with positive possibilities. And should life turn sideways, as it sometimes does, your home will be there holding out her arms for you to fall against. Nestled in its embrace, look around. And when you see love everywhere, you’ll exhale knowing blue skies are just ahead.

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