The Many Faces of Love

Forget the cheesy sentiments that accompany Valentines Day and choose instead to focus on the reason for the holiday: love.

Image Credit: Oh So Pretty

Saturday is February 14th. (You know, Valentine’s Day.) Whether it is a holiday you fully embrace or one you greet with ambivalence, it may be worth remembering the notion behind the commercialization: love. That's it. Despite its most evident flaws of cheesy sentiments, last minute gifts, chocolate shaped roses, and over abundance of pink and red, love is love. And we are fans of love around here.

To love deeply is one of the greatest honors life bestows but, admittedly, usually not without its trials and tribulations. However, love arrives in many forms, some that may get overlooked, undervalued and taken for granted. So, here’s a little reminder of the many faces of love. Hopefully we’ll inspire you to think about your definition of love and how it manifests itself in your life, every day (not just on February 14th).

Your partner: Your person. It’s who you face the world with, together, side by side. It may not be the grand romantic gestures, rather the small forms of support and understanding that define your love.

Your parents: Thank them for their selfless love, guidance, and support. We were all teenagers once, and those years alone warrant thanks a million times over. Gratitude is love.

Your siblings: You have a bond that is unlike any other; whether today it is strained and broken or strong and true. Loyalty is love.

Your children: The most unselfish love, in its purest form. Let yourself be smothered in wet baby kisses, and give the same. You are your children’s hero, their first true love. And it’s in the times of patience-runneth-outeth that its most important to parent from a place of love.

Your elders: They have stories to tell and listening can be your greatest act of love. Often a simple visit, phone call, or letter sent in the mail may be everything.

Your friends: It may go without saying but, your friends make your world. You choose them, they choose you. It’s the love you adopt, determine, and create.

Your tribe: The ones you call in the dark of the night with troubles you are unable to resolve on your own. The ones you rely on every day, in one way or another. They are your village of love.

Your mentors: You’ve been taught most everything you know. Think about those who helped you along the way—teachers, mentors, coaches, older, younger. Love is knowledge, and they helped you discover it.

Those who are hard to love: Some make it difficult to love. Selfless love, the giving without receiving, can be the most challenging kind. It may hurt, it may be hard, but keep offering...even without reciprocation.

Your life: It’s all yours to love. It gives you what it will, but the undeniable fact is that you are breathing and here. So use it, love it, promise to give and receive in this one life of yours.

Yourself: Above all. Show others you are worthy of their love by embracing who you are and all you are. Treat yourself with grace and dignity, this Valentine’s Day and every day.

p.s. The best Valentine's Day gifts (in our humble opinion) are free!