Everyday Icon: The Skincare Guru

Skincare guru Francine Krenicki teaches us the importance of skincare maintenance and her exciting career path at Skinfix.


After spending 20 years in the beauty industry working in product development for iconic brands like Estée Lauder, Frederic Fekkai, Avon and La Mer, Francine Krenicki was introduced to a skincare line that would become a career game changer. Unlike the beauty industry, Skinfix was focused on one thing: healing. Today she shares tips for protecting our skin during the winter months, the benefits of working on products that contain only natural ingredients and "truly help people", and her secret for staying centered in life (hint: it has everything to do with gratitude!).

You are a self proclaimed "product junkie", and began working in the industry at a young age. Can you tell us a little about your path and how you knew the skincare and beauty industry would be your chosen field?

When I was growing up I loved playing around with makeup and my mother made sure I took care of my skin in my early teens. I always appreciated good cosmetic products. After college I joined Estée Lauder, and quickly joined the product development team. That was over 20 years ago and I still love what I do.

You have worked for some of the most highly recognized and respected brands in the skincare industry; and while Skinfix has a long history, it has not been offered in the US until recently. What inspired you to make the leap from those iconic beauty and skincare companies to a line that is known mostly for its healing properties?

A mutual friend introduced me to Amy Gordinier Regan, the CEO of Skinfix in the summer of 2012 in her hometown of Halifax, Canada. Amy had just discovered a woman making a unique skin healing balm from a family recipe that was over 100 years old and saw its huge potential. I was hooked when Amy sent me a few jars to try on my daughter’s eczema rashes. I was amazed at the efficacy and both Amy and I believed there was a huge need for this type of product in the industry. Skinfix isn’t about lines and wrinkles, it’s about healing skin with natural ingredients that actually work. It’s rewarding to be part of something that is truly helping people.

What are the three biggest mistakes we make in caring for our skin during the winter months?

Winter can be really tough on skin! The biggest mistake people make is not rehydrating their skin on a daily basis with an emollient lotion or cream that replaces lost skin lipids. The cold dry winter weather coupled with dry indoor heating sucks the moisture right out of skin. Bathing is also a time when people can dry out skin further if they use water that is too hot or harsh cleaners. I always recommend warm water and mild cleansing products. The best thing you can do is slather on a rich emollient moisturizer from head to toe right after you get out of the shower. This locks in the surface moisture and leaves skin plump and smooth. People also forget that the skin reflects overall health and hydration. Drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated from the inside out can keep dry, flaky skin at bay.

What makes the Skinfix formulas unique in comparison to other products on the market?

The Skinfix family of healing balms originated from a formula that is over 100 years old. Not many brands have this unbelievable history. These unique formulas are "anhydrous," which means they are balm type formulas that contain no water and are jam packed with natural active skin healing ingredients that immediately calm, soothe and heal skin. All of our formulas are natural, have tremendous efficacy and do what we claim they do. Testimonials keep pouring in so we are definitely doing something right.

What is the skin concern or condition you hear about most often? What is the best method for treatment?

Without question, we hear from many consumers about their lifetime battle with chronic eczema. This red, itchy uncomfortable rash is becoming more and more prominent and statistics show the amount of people suffering from it has tripled since the 1970’s. Up until now, the normal course of treatment was frequent visits to the dermatologist and a steroid based prescription. Long term steroid use, whether it’s a prescription or over the counter hydrocortisone, thins the skin over time and can have other side effects.  Our family of eczema healing balms now offer those suffering with eczema a natural safe alternative that actually works. Our formulas are clinically proven and dermatologist recommended. There is no cure for eczema, but Skinfix can definitely help people manage their symptoms.

If you could accomplish only one thing in your current professional role, what would it be?

We have accomplished a lot already with Skinfix and the amazing team of people I work with. Our goal is to provide formulas that offer safe natural skincare solutions that actually work. We want Skinfix to be a household name and with our recent launch at Target in the US, that is becoming a reality.

Clementine Daily is a space for women who believe in embracing simple pleasures and bettering their lives to better the lives around them. How do you align with that mission?

I try to begin each day with gratitude, keep my sense of humor and put 100% into everything I do. I feel like the universe keeps bringing me these amazing gifts both personally and professionally and I’m really thankful.

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