8 Things of Note

Looking for a little inspiration? Here 8 things of note we discovered while perusing online links this week.

Image Credit: Veda House

Happy weekend, Clementines! How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Even if this weekend is filled with your customary conventions, remember what Percy Bysshe Shelley says: “Familiar acts are beautiful through love.” And, as always, here are a few conversations from around the web that we found particularly noteworthy—happy reading!

Confidence matters just as much as competence, especially for women.

Copying and credit. A poignant essay for creatives.

Giving roses to your loved one? The hue you chose may make all the difference.

Serena Williams on her decision to return to the court, where previously, “the under­current of racism was painful, confusing and unfair."

On aging, in a beautiful honest way.

“What if you just want to be an old-fashioned friend to a friend in need?” Here’s how.

The best scrambled eggs, ever.

The sweet story of one couple's 8 year journey to say this...how long did it take you?

p.s. Do you have any secret relationship problem solvers?