The Selfless Act of Self Care and 5 Ways to Practice It

A few ways to lead a happier life by practicing self-care, and why it's important to do so.

Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

Many women consider time spent on themselves a luxury or selfish act. We've been there and know the drill well - life gets hectic and "me time" is often first to get pushed to the back burner, while other obligations (be it work, home, family or friends - many times all of the above!) take precedence. In our effort to make room for MORE in 2015, we are declaring self care a necessary and worthy investment! We asked author Barbara McNally to share five reasons why self care is not just selfless, but sacred.

  1. When you strive to be complete, you help complete others in the process. Think of this as you would a tree. When the roots grow, the rest of the tree is also allowed to grow; it’s a process. And like the tree, when you add to your own self-care practice, you allow others to develop from your own growth.

  2. It keeps you a clean, mentally hygienic member of society. By practicing loving ways to treat yourself and spend your time, like spending free time with friends or splurging on a healthier lunch, you’ll radiate a more positive attitude. Others will thank you, and you’ll feel better in your own skin.

  3. You discover that “fun” is a science. “Fun” has long been associated with leisure. But science proves that our childhood years (when we practiced fun on the regular) are when most of our personality, intelligence capacity and developmental life-set skills took shape. By continuing to practice the art of fun, you are essentially depositing to your further aptitude development.

  4. You have more to offer those around you. We often hear people say that they wish to give the best possible life to the ones they love. Well, the best possible life starts with the best possible you. When you pledge to continue your own expansion, you add to what you are able to offer those you care about.

  5. It saves time and money. One of the first excuses we use to not contribute to our own development or pampering is that we don’t have the money for it. Truth be told, limiting yourself to a bare bones life experience will actually end up costing you both. Studies have shown that a lack of self-care leads to depression, physical ailments, and a plummeting paycheck.

Invite self-care to be as much a part of your life as the selfless acts you do for those around you. It’s time to start acting selfless towards yourself.

p.s. What else goes with leading a happy life of self-care? Leading a simple one.