Our Only Resolution This Year

This year we chose to focus our efforts on one important resolution. Care to guess?

image credit: DTTSP

You may recall our anti-resolutions from last year; instead of committing to change something about ourselves in 2014, we were challenged to embrace a less than ideal quality (at least, less than ideal in our own minds). It was a liberating and empowering experiment that set the stage for years to come.

As we enter 2015, we are taking a cue from our founder and setting our intentions on one resolution: we are “doing” less to make room for MORE. Less talking, more listening; less quantity, more quality; less fretting; more living. We have had the big years with the long lists and huge dreams, and they were exciting and appropriate at the time. But this year we are getting back to basics and finding the beauty in the seemingly pared down, though no less wonderful or complex. Our hope is that by shedding the unnecessary, we can make room for life's delicate nuances previously invisible to our busy eyes - simplicity is on the horizon, Clementines...and we could not be more excited.

p.s. Whether you have one or twenty, don't forget these tips for making thoughtful resolutions.