7 Tips For Honoring Resolutions

A few tips to help you focus on the resolutions you want to keep and to dismiss those that don't serve you or your goals in 2015.

Image Credit: Amanda Sandlin

We are one week into 2015—let’s chat resolutions. You’ve read ours; what about yours? Did you commit to making a drastic change? Or maybe a slight one that may make a big difference? What about giving something up? Vowing to do better, be better, live better?

It’s a fine line; many of us are overworked and overstressed. Adding more to your mind (and never ending to do list) may only motivate you to dismiss resolutions altogether, or to pursue with resentment (which often leads nowhere). Allow us to offer a few tips to help you manage your expectations, be true, and ultimately enjoy your resolutions. They were made in a good place with clear intentions; keep that frame of mind and remember, Clementines: change is rarely linear.

  • Chip away. Every journey begins with a single step, remember? Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the seemingly insurmountable—break down your goals into manageable steps. You’ll get there; keep moving.

  • Stay true. Evaluate why you made the resolutions you did. Are they truly for you and the life you want to lead? Or are you chasing dream expectations? Be honest with yourself and what changes you can reasonably make. You do you, best.

  • Be brave. If less is more for you, do less. Don’t apologize for your goals and what you want. Take ownership and chances.

  • Be gentle. Always be kind to yourself. Resolutions are not meant to be stressful. Subtract the parts that lead you down the guilt road and add in more of what makes you happy and fulfilled.

  • Let it go. It might not work; it might not be a good day but don’t let it deter you. Move onto to the next. Learn from mistakes made.

  • Be flexible. Think outside the box—if something isn’t working, adapt. Revise. Write it in pencil; erase. Type it out; delete. Nothing is set in stone.

  • Try again. Every day is a new opportunity to tackle your goals head on. Mary Shelley said, “The beginning is always today.” Use it.

p.s. Now, reward yourself with a little me time.