Editor's Letter: January 2015

Our January editor's letter offers a farewell and a hello all at once! Come see.

Image Credit: Cassie / Veda House

When I first founded Clementine Daily, I was a new mother seeking a community of truth and authenticity and respect. I was seeking More - more from myself, from others, from life. And I found it in you, friends. I found it in our founding editors. I found it in the inspired content; the creative rush. By focusing on simple, everyday pleasures - from 30-minute recipes to the best deodorant discovery ever - day after day, I began to seek beauty in every area of my life. I began shifting my perspective to better things: Gratitude. Joy. Love.

And it changed me, a small sliver of a bit. I'd found my More. I'd found my better. Life felt rhythmic and good, and the pieces fell together like specks of granite nestled in perfectly swirled chaos.

Yet sometimes when you find your More, you seem to need it less. And I have learned - over the past two years - that I don't want a life of More. Because when my scale is tipped to More, I - funnily enough - have Less to offer.

I want quiet. I want small. I want Less; less expectations and less pressure and less chaos - even the kind that stems from deep, deep joy. I want more sleepy mornings cooking bacon with my daughter. I want more lazy afternoons reading a life-changing memoir. I want more snowy evening walks where we loosen our lips and let our hearts speak, quietly. Truthfully.

I know these Mores can only come from Less in other areas - areas that are hard to part with. But a new year seems like a perfect time to release, just a bit. To celebrate change, to write in the margins, and to add a bit of blank space on our pages. And so, today will be my last Editor's Letter for Clementine Daily. I'll still be popping in here and there (I'd miss you too much for a final farewell!), but it's time for me to practice Less and to pass the editorial reins to a woman who is a More in her own right.

You've met Amanda already; she's been my right-hand gal since we published our first post back in 2013. We've spent countless hours emailing, brainstorming and shaping Clementine Daily together and much of what you love about this site has been marked with the wit, wisdom and incredible grace of Amanda - day in and day out. And so, today, please welcome her as she steps into her new role as our Executive Editor. She's been planning a lot of More this year - more surprises and more fun and more adventure. (I cannot wait to follow along.)

Ladies, thank you for your love. For your acceptance and warmth and perspective. I have learned much from you all, and I'm so blessed to call you friends and readers. You can, of course, find me here if you'd like. There will be bacon cooking and memoir reading and snow evening walks. There will be more of less; less of more.

We're in for a beautiful 2015, aren't we, friends? The best - whether More or Less or something else entirely - is indeed to come.

Erin Loechner, Founder