Try This: Blue Cheese & Blood Orange Appetizer

Jane Yuan of Simple & Crisp shares her recipe for a festive, easy and beautiful holiday cheese platter recipe.

Image Credit: Simple & Crisp

We tend to lean towards the easy and delicious category when it comes to festive eats; so we asked simplicity expert, Jane Yuan, to share one of her favorite pairings for the season. Whether you're hosting, attending or enjoying a night in by the fire, this blue cheese, blood orange, honey + dates combo will not disappoint!

Blue Cheese & Blood Orange Cheese Platter Recipe

With snow falling and temperatures dropping, it’s obvious that the holiday season is here! Lucky for us, blood oranges are a winter citrus and provide the perfect complement to one of our favorites, blue cheese. Served with dates and honey and cut into festive shapes; enjoy this creamy, salty and citrusy Simple & Crisp Blood Orange pairing!

8 slices of Simple & Crisp Blood Orange
8oz cream cheese (softened)
1cup crumbed blue cheese (room temp)
5 to 7 dried dates
1tbs honey

1. Pit dates and dice into small bits.
2. Grind Simple & Crisp Blood Orange slices into a powder with a blender.
3. Combine cream cheese, blue cheese crumbles and date bits. Mold into a ball, then press flat with hands.
4. Cut and shape cheese with a cookie cutter of your liking (easiest when cheese is room temp).


Image Credit: Simple & Crisp

5. Generously spread Simple & Crisp Blood Orange powder on a flat surface, then dust top and bottom of the cheese with blood orange powder.
6. Refrigerate until ready to serve, then drizzle with honey.


Image Credit: Simple & Crisp

Spread evenly on  Simple & Crisp Blood OrangeAppleOrange orPear crisps. Add an extra drizzle of honey on top for the perfect winter bite – enjoy!