Try This: Virtual Makeover

There really is an app for everything. Snap a selfie and try on those bangs before committing with scissors!

Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

Technology has its perks—there really is an app for everything. And now, there's even one that helps you decide if it's time to get bangs. We like to keep an open mind and veer from our comfort zones but hey, the idea of previewing that drastic new ‘do before hair actually hits the floor is certainly appealing. Naturally, we downloaded Virtual Makeover, snapped a selfie and tried everything from a lilac bob to blunt bags and a daring pixie.

The app also uses facial recognition software so you can map where your eyes are and trace a precise outline of your lips. And although we much prefer testing out a colorful eyeliner and bright lipstick on our actual faces, we did find the virtual guide on where to place blush and bronzer to be quite useful when it came to applying our makeup in the not-so-virtual reality.

What do you think - would you give it a go and utilize an app to determine your next beauty treatment? We'd love to hear!

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