5 Tips To Empower Yourself

Seeking a few tips to empower yourself from the inside out? Read on.

Image Credit: Echo and Earl

Sometimes the word "empower" gets a bad rap. We assume it's a give-and-take commodity, as if because you're empowering yourself, you certainly can't be empowering anyone else. But ladies, it's time to dispel that myth. Empowerment - quite literally - means to give authority or power to. And sometimes power and authority are best kept to ourselves in certain arenas of life, yes?

To help us further explore empowerment, we recently gleaned 5 tips from Dale Noelle, the visionary behind True Model Management - a full-service agency created to represent all sizes, shades and shapes of women:

  1. Give Yourself a Mental Workout. Build up your mental strength. It may sound cliché, but it doesn’t matter what others feel about you. As long as you love yourself, there’s not a person on the planet that can take away your shine. Think about the energy you put out worrying about what others think of you, channel that same energy into believing and building up yourself; you are limitless.

  2. Be Yourself. It’s that simple. You know who you are, don’t pretend to be someone else.

  3. Surround Yourself with Great People. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people; People that see you as the beautiful person you are. Remember, negative energy is bad for the spirit.

  4. Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Women. Especially celebrities. Most celebrities have access to the best weight loss programs and trainers around. We are all different and our bodies work differently as well.

  5. Meditate. It’s all about balance. The mind and body are so powerful; you can learn a lot about yourself through meditation. (We love this 5-minute technique!)

Tell us, what are your empowerment tips or tricks? We'd love to hear how you what areas of your life you're giving the authority to yourself in.