Would You Use A Therapy App?

Introducing, the newest technology trend: a marriage therapy app! Would you dare?

Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

Whether you're in a relationship that needs communication guidance or one that simply needs prompting every now and again, therapy is often a good and worthy solution to pursue for most couples. But sometimes, various factors get in the way - pride, fear of the unknown, high costs, busy schedules - and therapy becomes one of those "someday" things to cross off your list.

Naturally, when we read about CouplesCom - a "therapy" app - we thought it sounded genius. Through a structured communication environment, CouplesCom prevents difficult conversations from spiraling out of control while creating a safe and comfortable environment for both parties involved to be able to express and be heard. With prompts to help you rephrase harsh words and various therapy models - mirroring, validation, concerns and confirmations - the app certainly provides a few tools for navigating rough, choppy topics.

And while we're firm believers in face-to-face apologies and quality time spent working toward a common goal, it's an interesting solution for any relationship lacking respectful communication - parents and teens, co-workers and colleagues and extended family members alike.

What do you think - would you ever give it a go? Do your communication skills need some fine-tuning, or have you learned the delicate art of speaking, listening and learning? We'd love to hear!

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