How To Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

Want to hear a tip to naturally whiten your teeth? Hint: charcoal.

Image Credit: Unison Home

A few months ago, I chatted with skincare expert and founder of Aenon's to glean a few tips on natural beauty products, and was amazed when she shared her recent development - charcoal as a teeth whitener! Can you believe it? I asked her to share her experience below, but first, here's how it works!

Activated charcoal can help change the pH balance in the mouth, effectively preventing cavities or killing bacteria surrounding gum and tooth decay or gingivitis. By dipping a clean and wet toothbrush into charcoal powder and brushing your tooth gently in circles for 2 minutes, you can achieve a whiter, cleaner smile in just days. (Careful, it's messy, and your mouth will be black while brushing! Don't worry; it rinses away.)

Ready to hear Queenie's experience? I find it so fascinating!:

I tried the charcoal whitening a total of 4 times and I did see a difference - about 1-2 shades lighter - so I think it works even faster than the traditional whitening strips:

1. I have sensitive gums/teeth and the activated charcoal didn't sting at all.
2. I liked the idea of using something other than a strip containing bleach.
3. I saw quicker results with activated charcoal.
4. It's a great plaque and tartar remover! My mouth felt "cleaner" than usual.

1. It's messy and does stain the sink. However with a few sprays of any household cleaner, it washes away pretty quickly.
2. Difficult to apply the mixture at first. I tried using it as a mouth rinse (eh - it was ok) but I preferred mixing a little water with half a teaspoon of activated charcoal so the consistency is more like a paste. I used my toothbrush to apply and left it on for 2-3 minutes. Then, I brushed and rinsed as normal.
3. You may be able to get the charcoal out from the toothbrush bristles, but it's hard. It's probably best if you use a separate toothbrush while doing the treatment.

Bottom line - I would recommend it to friends and family but with a few precautions. They should rinse thoroughly and brush away any charcoal residue. Activated charcoal when mixed with water is typically ingested when someone has food poisoning because the "pores" can trap all the toxins - so if you do accidentally swallow some and you take medicine or vitamins afterwards - chances are it may get soaked up by the charcoal rather than your body.

So interesting, right? For a less messy routine, I even found a charcoal toothbrush. So tell me, would you guys give it a go? I'd love to hear!

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