Your Dream Wardrobe, Delivered

Introducing Le Tote, the easiest way to score your new dream wardrobe.
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We've always believed women are ever-evolving, constantly-changing chameleons of sorts. We're a great many things - home-keepers, baby-rockers, sandwich-cutters, phone call-makers. So why shouldn't we dress the part?


Herein, of course, lies our dilemma. To dress for the many, many, many roles we play, our closet sometimes suffers the consequences. Stuffed to the brim with conference blazers or church skirts or date night blouses or yoga pants - gah! For minimalist-loving gals, it's enough to call the whole thing off and settle for our favorite pair of jeans - day in, day out, forever and ever, Amen.


Enter Le Tote. It's a subscription box for your dream wardrobe - no joke. For $49/month, you receive endlessly rotating boxes of customized stylist picks for your body and lifestyle. Each "tote" arrives with 3 garments and 2 accessories to try, wear and love to your heart's content - all month long. Of course, if you truly fall in love with a piece - keep it! Then return the rest, (they'll rinse!) and repeat. Genius, right?


We recently gave it a go and were amazed at how spot-on our picks were. Everything fit like a glove, and the pieces that didn't work with my wardrobe? I sent them back and a new box filled with new picks arrived just a handful of days later.


If you rate your pieces after returning them, Le Tote's team of stylists will start to better grasp your wardrobe preferences, resulting in even more customized suggestions. I've found that my totes are getting better and better with time (how do they do it?).


This French Connection boxy top above stole the show immediately (I kept it - couldn't help myself!) and this Valentine skirt has proved endlessly versatile over the past few weeks. I wore it on a recent date night, but it pairs surprisingly nice iwth Converse sneakers and an oversized sweatshirt for a casual, daytime look.


So, friends, are you ready to give it a go? Good news! We're partnering with Le Tote to pass along a 50% promo code for your first order! Simply enter ClementineDaily at checkout and don't forget to let us know how you like your first tote!


Here's to an evolving wardrobe that reflects our evolving roles, yes? Happy Le Tote-ing!

p.s. This post is sponsored by Le Tote. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Clementine Daily possible!