Fall Fitness Goals, Complete!

Hear how social media manager Stella achieved her fitness goals with Jawbone's UP24 Band!

Image Credits: Stella Blackmon

Remember last month when I (Stella) shared my plans to test out Jawbone's UP24 in hopes of accomplishing a few fitness goals this fall? Well, friends, the results are in! I'm thrilled to share my progress...

To my surprise, after only a few days, I found myself subconsciously choosing healthier activities throughout the day to try and meet my goals when I didn’t have time for the gym. I started walking an extra mile on morning walks with my hyper Italian Greyhound, Greg. I mapped out bike routes on the app and cycled to meet friends for a picnic at the park. I began to recognize that exercise wasn’t limited to a treadmill and that I could meet my fitness aspirations, while fulfilling my seasonal daydreams.

Exercise with Jawbone

Here at Clementine, we know the value of quality shut-eye. Yet, a good night’s rest is often sacrificed to meet deadlines or squeeze in more time with loved ones. Since using the UP System to track my sleep patterns, I've been shocked to find out how much sleep I've been missing! The amount of time I spent awake in the night was close to the amount of sound sleep I experienced. The app began informing me of minor changes I could make to improve, like reading a book until I fell back to sleep. The sleep summaries made me realize I can control the quality of my sleep, which helps fuel a happier, more productive, mere energetic me.

Jawbone Jeans

Even more? Jawbone's UP24 band has made logging what I eat and drink speedy and uncomplicated. I can snap pictures, scan barcodes or tap the raindrop icon every time I drink a glass of water. The app compares my calories consumed to my calories burned, and allows me to understand the healthiness of my food choices at a glance with the Food Score feature. I have already begun opting for heartier meals . . . and a slightly smaller slice of fresh apple pie.

Diet Tracking

Overall, I give the system two massive thumbs up. Sometimes all it takes to make a change is a healthy dose of intention (and a bit of Jawbone support along the way...). And did you hear the good news? You can use the UP app to log food, movement and sleep even without a band! Find out more here.


Tell me, friends, would you ever use technology to better your daily wellness habits? We'd love to hear!

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