Fall Fitness Goals (And A Genius Tool)

This month, we're tracking our fall fitness goals with Jawbone's UP24 Band!
Wellness tracking with Jawbone

Wellness tracking with Jawbone Image Credits: Stella Blackmon

It seems as if at the beginning of each season, I (Stella) always gather with my best friends and we chat far into the night about our optimistic fitness and wellness dreams for the coming months. For summer, we envision walks at dusk, followed by a dip in the neighborhood pool, homemade nectarine popsicles and mint-infused water by the pitcher. For fall, we picture frosty early morning runs, hiking through the red-yellow-and-orange leaved hills, pumpkin pancakes and authentic cider with heaps of cinnamon sticks.

But, as each season commences, our schedules stack up with endless family and professional obligations. Our seasonal plans and diets fade into distant fantasies. (Surely we're not alone?) So this month, Clementine is partnering with Jawbone to finally tackle those fitness goals - one move at a time. Jawbone’s UP24, a lifestyle-tracking wristband and app system, encourages users to meet tangible goals by tracking movement, sleep and diet, while subtly compiling insights from the data via Bluetooth on the easy-to-use app. It also highlights a handful of tried-and-true tips that reveal how a sweeter (and healthier!) everyday is achievable after all.

Day planning with Jawbone's UP24

And guess what? We're giving it a go - all month long. I'll be sporting the UP24 in Onyx - a slender black bracelet with a sophisticated design, making it effortless to pair with anything from workout leggings to a printed blouse. I can already tell that this lightweight system is demolishing all of my preconceived notions about fitness tracking and can't wait to see how it helps me to achieve a few of my goals for a more intentional, holistic lifestyle.


Follow my progress on Twitter and Instagram - I'll be popping in periodically throughout the month.Tell us, what are a few fitness and wellness goals you have? We’re all ears!

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