Meet The Editor: Stella Blackmon

Next up in our "Meet the Editor" series? Stella Blackmon, our very own Social Media Manager!
stella blackmon

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Stella Blackmon is one of those rare young women who seems wise beyond her years, viewing the world through a collective lens of kindness and encouragement, rather than individual, cutthroat success. A true nurturer of community, you can only imagine how beautifully she orchestrates the social media presence of Clementine Daily, connecting with each of you on various channels as our Social Media Manager. And although most of you interact with her already, we thought it might be fun to peel back the curtain and meet the true Stella Blackmon - beyond 140 characters!:

You're young, but the wisest soul around. How did you acquire so much wisdom and perspective as a young girl?

First, thank you, that is a really kind view of me. I credit any wisdom I might have to the special mentors and experiences I’ve had. I was less than two years old when my sister, Grace, was born. When my family found out she was autistic, I felt a great responsibility to help care for her and make her feel loved. The more I understood about Grace, the more determined I was to try and figure out the world for the both of us. For as long as I can remember, my dad spoke to me like his peer. Through my elementary years, he would walk over from the University he worked at to join me for Friday lunch at my school. I would have such great time talking with him and giving him hypothetical situations to solve. My whole lunch table would get so tickled at his thought-out and intelligent replies. His patience and thoughtfulness are things I want to strive for daily.

One of the other most notable figures is my 91-year old friend, Charlotte. Since I was eight, I have been joining her for formal English teas, where she made me feel at home in the sophisticated world and taught me how to find humor in any situation.

Why do you feel a site like Clementine Daily resonates with women of all ages?

Clementine Daily appreciates the complexity of life for women for today. This resource accentuates the joy that can be fostered in all moments of life, whether it is tips for shopping on a budget, or some challenging personal situations, like living alone.

What do you think is the most important way women can better their everyday?

I adore the idea of the pursuit of wholeness, rather than happiness. For times of anxiety or uncertainty, there’s nothing like a power nap, a shot of espresso or listening to Paul Simon’s “Graceland.”

Do you have a motto or mantra that shapes your own everyday?

I once overheard my mom talking about her cure for stress. My mom described how whenever she was overwhelmed, she would imagine my grandma Carol playing “Claire de Lune” on the piano. I have secretly used the same meditation ever since— it forces me to stop the “noise” in my mind and to reflect on the larger picture of my life.

The mantra I hope to project to others is what fiction writer George Saunders said in his commencement address at Syracuse University, “Err in the direction of kindness.”

We love how mature and classic you dress. What are your secrets to maintaining a modest style in a sea of trendy, plunging necklines and super short shorts?

I looked about six years younger than my actual age in middle school and high school, which was a somewhat horrifying experience. I would time it out perfectly to sneak into my mom’s closet before school to assemble my outfit. I hoped the difference in style would somehow make me appear at least ten years older and twelve inches taller.

Though that time of insecurity has passed, I am still attracted to that classic style. I like to experiment with the lines and the shapes of clothing. It’s simple and effortless — and it fits my personality.

What is your favorite part about connecting with Clementine Daily's loyal readers each and every day?

To me, the readers are the best part! The readers’ interaction with our content completes our stories. Hearing their insight and their perspectives is very moving. Their supportive voices constantly make me reflect on how fortunate I am to be a part of the Clementine Daily team.

Where do you see the future of social media? How is it changing our world for the better?

My dad always told me it is better to engage in a meaningful conversation than to lecture or be lectured to. Social media gives everyone a voice and gets individuals involved. This freedom to be part of a national conversation is not only powerful, it’s empowering.

Tell us, what are Stella's future plans?

I love to write, and my hopes are to continue to interact with the smart, funny and professional women I work with daily. But, as I do this, I want to carve out time for moments that inspire me, such as tea with Charlotte and assisting my mom with her photography. And, who knows, someday maybe I’ll consider running for the Senate. I might be getting ahead of myself here.

p.s. Stella sure has our vote for Senate! Chat with her daily on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.