Editor's Letter: August 2014

Need an organizational boost? Read this month's editor's letter from Erin Loechner.
get organized

Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

The weather here has been unseasonably cool, as if summer's curtain is closing before the show has ended. For many of us, the mark of August brings a slew of feelings - from the thrilling anticipation of a new fall routine to the underlying disappointment of another passing adventure. And this morning, for me, brought an overwhelming sense of chaos.

Work deadlines were looming and emotions were restless and my toddler is 2 (need I explain?) and I realized that - for far too many months - our family has been treading water. We've been stuffing closets and piling papers and placing too many activities into the "Later" pile. We'll set up the auto payment next month. We'll schedule that date later, once things calm down. We'll organize the pantry someday, but for now, I think this quinoa miiiiight fit just.right.there. Whew! Perfect.

And so, enough was enough. This afternoon, we tackled a handful of chores, from scrubbing the sink to purging unused toys. We donated old clothing, filed important papers, finally scheduled a sitter for that elusive date night we'd unwisely put off for weeks and weeks.

And as I surveyed our progress, I waited for the familiar feeling of productivity-induced satisfaction to creep into my mind. But it didn't. I folded another load of laundry, replaced the hand soap, changed the sheets.


And then it hit me: the disorganization and chaos, I fear, is in me. It's a soul issue, not a home issue. I'm not at rest. I'm not at peace. And sadly, that's an issue yellow rubber gloves can never fix.

Fall is a season of busyness for many people. There's the carpool schedule and the cross country meets and the work conferences and the fill-in-the-blank. We're right there with you, ladies, and this fall, we're taking a step back. We're scaling down. We're simplifying.

Starting today, you'll find just one article daily around here, each and every weekday. On some days, a quick tip will greet you. Other days, you'll find inspired interviews or home tours or tried-and-true product recommendations. Still other days, we'll be sharing delicious recipes or beauty tricks. But I'm hoping what you won't find - what we won't be sharing - is chaos.

I find it fitting that this month's theme is Get Organized. Because sometimes, to get organized, you have to get real. You have to survey your life, edit it down and embrace the simple reality that progress is better than perfection.

Welcome to our progress, Clementines. We're so happy you're here.

Erin Loechner