The Easy Way To Coupon

Always forgetting your coupon on the kitchen counter? There's an app for that!

Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

As frugal women, many of us are mesmerized by extreme couponers - the thrill of the hunt, the hacking of the system. Yet admittedly, we can never wrap our heads around the organization of it all, often finding ourselves slapping our foreheads when we forget our coupon on the kitchen counter yet again.

Enter The SnipSnap app. Simply snap a photo of the coupon (or search for many existing deals in the app) and the scanner magically saves any codes, redemption points or fine print. Your coupons are saved all in one place - finally, a virtual purse that never attracts graham cracker crumbs! - and the app sends reminders when your coupons will expire or if you're near a store you've got a deal for.

Genius, right? Download away, then tell us all about it on Twitter!

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