On The Menu: Quinoa Caprese with Tarragon & Basil

Looking for a caprese salad with a twist? This recipe for a quinoa caprese with tarragon and basil is perfect for any summer meal.
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1 cup dry quinoa
2 pints cherry tomatoes, halved
8 oz. mozzarella, small rounds
3 tablespoons fresh basil, roughly chopped
2 tablespoons fresh tarragon, roughly chopped
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1-2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1/2 lemon, juice
freshly ground pepper
sea salt to taste

Quinoa, 1 cup
Cherry Tomatoes, 2 pints
Mozzarella, 8 oz.
Basil, fresh
Tarragon, fresh
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Lemon, 1
Freshly Ground Pepper
Sea Salt

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