6 Ways to Cool Your Anger

Afraid you might lose your cool at any moment? We've been there. Here are 6 ways to cool your anger in the heat of the moment.
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6 Ways To Cool Your Anger Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

Raise your hand if you've ever flown off the handle in the heat of an argument or when things just aren't going your way. Yes, Clementines. Us too. We've cursed in traffic, as though it might help speed things up, and we've been to the edge when someone we care about drives us up the proverbial wall.

Luckily, we're sharing a few of our tested (more often than we care to admit) ways to cool your anger in the heat of the moment. While we don't always remember to use these tips in every situation, we're making an intentional effort to better maintain level heads as much as possible.

  1. Take a deep breath. Okay, so take several. Not in rapid succession; there's no need to hyperventilate. The simple act of pushing the pause button to focus on slow and steady breathing has saved us—and a few important relationships—on more than one occasion.

  2. Count to ten. Similarly, counting to ten (sometimes we count to twenty for good measure) can help you pause and let some of your anger dissipate before continuing. Once you've counted, try to see if you can understand where the anger is coming from and if there's any way to resolve the problem.

  3. Get up and walk away. If you're in a place where you can physically leave a particularly upsetting discussion, we're all for it. The key here is to calmly remove yourself rather than making a scene or storming out. We know—easier said than done—but we've gone the other route in the past and it's just not pretty.

  4. Remember that some situations are out of your control. We've had to remind ourselves of this on multiple occasions. Sometimes wallets suddenly break, you forget your phone charger, flights get delayed and you get stuck in the worst traffic of your life—and that's Wednesday for you. Aside from perhaps permanently attaching your phone charger to yourself, not much can be done about any of those things. Sometimes it's best to just ask yourself if you can change a situation. If not, ride it out (and turn up the slow jams).

  5. Dance it out. Speaking of turning up the jams, has anyone here tried the solo dance party as a remedy for anger? This works wonders for us when we've been hard at work for hours and then suddenly technology fails us. Sometimes the resulting irritation stems from pent up frustration or anxiety. We can't think of a better way to dissolve our tension than through movement. Try it! Not into solo dance parties? Any movement will do! Walk it out; run it out—whatever gets you in a better frame of mind.

  6. Keep in mind that it could be worse. It may seem obvious that a bout of bad luck or bad traffic isn't the worst that could happen to you today. However, when you're experiencing a moment of intense anger or frustration (even over the little things), it can be tough to talk yourself down. Try thinking of a situation worse than the one you're experiencing. Trust us, it works wonders and can turn anger into gratitude with a quickness.

Tell us, Clementines - what are your tried-and-true methods for curbing your anger? Please share with us on Twitter!

p.s. Another way to cool your anger? Try a quick moment of meditation.